Vacation Report: A Week Later

Now I miss the city and the smell of my studio apartment. It feels like I've had enough water time and moments with my man; it's time to go home. And yet, my flight is still a week from now. I'm somehow itching to go back to my “real life” before I completely unlearn how to live it.

I choose not to think of work life as “real life” and my “vacation” as a distraction from reality. Both require work in some way.

I'm polishing my beginner surfing skills. I've been on the water at least a couple hours everyday. I've got muscle pain and all now.

I also have to deal with people. As an introvert, I miss all the quiet time and having the universe to myself. The beach life is quite exhausting when you think about all the noise and people. And mind you, I'm in a pretty remote spot right now.

I've been taking time to read and write in the midst of my vacation. I guess I've been using it as a form of escape, a way to feel comfortable, as if I'm at home. A semblance of my old life.

Funny how taking a vacation even takes work for me.

Right now I want to engage in something deeply romantic, beyond just looking into my partner's eyes or kissing him. I want to gaze at the stars while sitting by the shoreline. I want to go somewhere deep and look within myself.

I want to be away from all of this. I want to be home.