bleak and pretty


  1. I wanna live in a tent in the wilderness
  2. I should become a starving writer who could only afford to eat once or twice a day
  3. I wanna leave the city
  4. I wanna go surfing whenever I want, whenever there is good waves
  5. I wanna run away and escape the 10-7 life
  6. I need to save 100k and fly away
  7. I wanna turn my life around within 18 months
  8. I wanna start a Tumblr and a Twitter account about bipolarity
  9. My apartment is a huge mess
  10. I am probably dehydrated
  11. I miss him
  12. The world is a tightrope and I'm a tightrope walker suspended at 29,000 feet
  13. I'm a cage bird that wants to fly
  14. I want to write and write and write ...i can go on forever