No amount of coffee can take care of the Monday blues

...or Tuesday blues, if you work Tuesdays to Saturdays.

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I'm in the office, sitting at my work desk, sipping coffee and trying my very best to pull my shit together for the first work day of the week. Ain't fun.

The Chinese president is visiting and staying in my city; this has caused the closure of several roads.

And unluckily, my driver was not aware of it, so we ended up taking a closed road and going back to take another route.

Great job, politics. Absolutely great job.

I was late for a minute. I thought I was coming to work early, so I planned to eat sandwich before everything else.

Now I'm forced to be creative and pleasant for the day. Awesome!

I have a bit of a cough. My body doesn't feel so well after my weekend trip.

I didn't get to write anything for my clients earlier today. I have work that's due by Thursday and by the end of the week. I need to muster creative powers and survival instincts to get through.

Plus, I'm juggling all these other things:

I feel like I just wanna disappear, crawl inside a shell, or wrap myself up in my lover's arms.