Mid-week check-in


Many things have happened since the last time I wrote here.

I went to Leyte, fulfilled a stream of writing projects, built a professional website, created another website (about to write the first few articles this weekend), combed my hair, and started a new diet (with a goal of having toned abs and better discipline.)

I was mostly sleep deprived.

What's up right now

It is becoming hard to maintain a tight grip on work motivation. Some days it's extremely hard to come up with designs for my clients. I just wanna write and focus on my semi-non-existent writing career.

My major focus as of the moment is establishing another income stream so I could finally move out and start a new life somewhere near the ocean waves.

Other than that, I just wanna look really hot.

*Everything makes me crave peace and silence. *

Just blabbering to pass the time

I have decided to spend the remaining 20 minutes of work just writing.

I'm not sure if this composition is making sense but fuck it, I'm just going to free-write. I just wanna spill my thoughts. I will just save the writing efforts for another time.

Ah, I wanna go surfing.

I heard from him this morning and he said, “The waves are pumping.”

I wish I could carry a longboard and paddle out right now. It makes me sort of jealous that he could pretty much go surfing whenever he wants.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck at work, in front of this soul-sucking desktop computer. I just tell myself that it won't be soon before long; I'll be quitting this city life and be living the salty dream.

I don't really look forward to paydays anymore. “Surf days” are what excites me.

Five more minutes

I just really, really wanna go home now. I'll be listening to Sunsick Day while walking to the jeepney stop. I'll be doing some meal prep later and buying food containers and kitchen stuff.

I'm a little excited. It feels like I am finally getting my life together like it's 2014 all over again. Like it's college — before I fucked it all up.

I feel very much alone, though, in the sense that I have never felt so far from my family. Can't remember the last time I talked to mom.

I wanna be alone.