Holding It All Together As A Writer


Time flies. It's been many weeks since I wrote in write.as, and I now return with a feeling of just wanting to be home.

Where have I been? Oh, many places. I created a wordpress site, tried to score some writing gigs, came back to my good old freelancing content mill, and basically tried to become a real writer.

I've been trying to go out of my comfort zone and write like a legit blogger. Right now, well, things just aren't happening according to my expectations.

The work is slow, the clients are too demanding for the rates they're willing to pay, and I can't make enough time for writing. I don't think Wordpress and a paid domain is going to be a good investment.

Maybe I'm destined to ghostwrite forever.

Maybe I'm not writing in a way that's compatible or enjoyable to me. I should be diligent like Kris Gage or comfortable with words like Shannon Ashley.

Yes, I admit that I am in a writer's crisis. I am not happy about my writing habits, but yes I can soft type like a real pro.

I guess I'll have to revise, think, brainstorm, re-write, re-structure, and find my writer's purpose.